Sofar have been active in the renewable energy industry for a decade now and have an annual inverter output of over 4GW, supplying over 20 countries worldwide. The complete range are IP65-rated so suitable for outdoor use, have die-cast housings for improved corrosion and rust resistance and come with an SD card capable of logging 25 years’ worth of data. Remote support and monitoring are handled through Sofar’s free portal, thanks to integrated wifi as standard across the entire range.

String Inverters

An inverter in a solar power system converts the DC electricity generated by solar panels into AC electricity that can be used in the grid.

Typically, string inverters, such as those found in Sofar’s product line, have been the standard in the solar industry. These inverters channel power from the solar panels to a central inverter, which converts the DC electricity into usable AC electricity to power households.

Residential Solar Inverters

Sofar Solar offers a range of residential solar inverters that start from a 1.1kW single-phase with one MPPT and go up to a 12kW three-phase inverter with two MPPTs. The use of MPPTs allows for a single inverter to accommodate solar panels with multiple orientations. However, if your roof has more than two angles on which you plan to install panels, you may need to install an additional inverter or power optimizers for the panels on the third orientation. This is a common requirement for smaller residential installations.

Commercial Solar Inverters

Sofar Solar’s range of commercial solar inverters boasts an AC capacity ranging from 10kW to 70kW, with a maximum efficiency of 98.6% for their larger models. All models feature an LCD screen. The commercial inverters with a capacity of up to 40kW are equipped with 2 MPPTs, which is suitable for simple commercial roofs with a two-sided fall. However, for more complex roofs, an additional inverter or power optimizers may be necessary to prevent system losses. In contrast, the 50kW to 70kW range of inverters has a third MPPT.