The TS4 platform, developed by Tigo Energy, marks a notable leap forward in the realm of solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies. It stands out by specifically targeting key areas of solar energy system management: optimization, monitoring, and safety. This innovative platform is meticulously engineered to augment the performance of solar panels on a module-by-module basis. Unlike traditional systems that manage solar arrays as a single entity, the TS4 platform offers a granular approach. This means that each solar module can be individually optimized and monitored, ensuring that the solar array as a whole operates at peak efficiency. This level of customization is pivotal for adapting to varied solar projects with distinct needs and objectives, showcasing the TS4 platform’s versatility across different solar energy applications.

At its core, the TS4 platform integrates a suite of products and accessories designed to work seamlessly with one another, enhancing the adaptability and functionality of solar energy systems. For instance, its optimization capabilities allow for each module to adjust its output in response to shading, debris, or inherent panel inefficiencies. This ensures that even if one panel is underperforming, the rest of the system can continue to operate effectively, maximizing energy yield. Additionally, the platform’s monitoring features provide real-time data on each module’s performance. This granular data collection is instrumental in identifying potential issues early, facilitating timely maintenance and minimizing downtime.

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Increase Your Energy Harvest

In an unshaded system, Tigo optimisation increased energy harvest by 3%, in a shaded system, Tigo recovered 36% of energy that would have been lost due to mismatch.

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Modular Design

The TS4 platform’s modular design allows for tailored solar solutions, making it possible to address specific needs and goals of any solar energy system, whether residential, commercial, or utility-scale. This flexibility ensures that each solar panel within the system can perform optimally, contributing to higher energy output and efficiency.

Optimisation and Monitoring

One of the key features of the TS4 platform is its capability for module-level power optimization. This means that each solar module can be individually optimized to deal with issues like shading, soiling, or panel mismatch, which can significantly affect the overall system performance. By optimizing each module, the TS4 platform ensures that the entire solar array produces the maximum amount of energy possible, even under less-than-ideal conditions.

Furthermore, the platform enables advanced monitoring at the module level, allowing for precise tracking of energy production and system health. This level of monitoring provides valuable data that can be used to identify and address issues proactively, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Safety Features

Safety is a paramount concern in solar energy systems, and the TS4 platform addresses this through various built-in safety features. These features can include automatic shutdown capabilities, which are essential for protecting both the system and its users in case of electrical failures, such as arc faults or ground faults. By ensuring that each module can be individually shut down, the TS4 platform enhances the safety of the entire solar energy system, making it safer for installation and maintenance personnel as well as for the building and its occupants.

Integration with Existing Systems

An important advantage of the TS4 platform is its ability to be integrated into existing solar systems. This backward compatibility means that solar energy systems without module-level optimization or monitoring can be upgraded with TS4 components, enhancing their performance and safety without the need for a complete system overhaul.