Sofar has been a prominent player in the renewable energy sector for over a decade, achieving significant milestones that underscore its commitment to sustainable energy solutions. With an impressive annual inverter output exceeding 4GW, Sofar plays a crucial role in the global energy transformation, supplying high-quality inverters to over 20 countries. Their products are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, as evidenced by their IP65 rating, which guarantees protection against dust ingress and water spray from any direction. The use of die-cast housings enhances the durability of their inverters, offering superior corrosion and rust resistance, a vital feature for equipment exposed to the elements. Furthermore, Sofar’s forward-thinking approach to data management is evident in their inclusion of an SD card slot in their inverters, capable of logging up to 25 years’ worth of operational data. This extensive data capture capability is a testament to Sofar’s dedication to reliability and long-term performance monitoring.

One of the standout features of Sofar’s product line is the integration of advanced technology for ease of use and efficiency. Each inverter comes equipped with integrated WiFi as standard, facilitating seamless remote support and monitoring through Sofar’s complimentary portal. This feature not only enhances the user experience by allowing for effortless access to inverter performance data and system management tools but also underscores Sofar’s commitment to customer satisfaction and technological innovation. The ability to monitor and manage energy systems remotely is increasingly important in today’s digital age, and Sofar’s provision of these capabilities at no extra cost positions them as a customer-centric company in the renewable energy market.

The core of Sofar’s offerings, the string inverters, embody the company’s expertise in renewable energy technology. These devices are essential components in solar power systems, efficiently converting the DC electricity generated by solar panels into AC electricity that can be used in homes and fed into the grid. String inverters are known for their reliability and have been the standard in the industry for years. Sofar’s string inverters are a testament to their engineering excellence, combining durability with advanced features like extensive data logging and remote monitoring. This blend of innovation and practicality ensures that Sofar’s products not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of the renewable energy sector, facilitating a smoother transition towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

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Residential Solar Inverters

Sofar Solar offers a range of residential solar inverters that start from a 1.1kW single-phase with one MPPT and go up to a 12kW three-phase inverter with two MPPTs. The use of MPPTs allows for a single inverter to accommodate solar panels with multiple orientations. However, if your roof has more than two angles on which you plan to install panels, you may need to install an additional inverter or power optimizers for the panels on the third orientation. This is a common requirement for smaller residential installations.

Commercial Solar Inverters

Sofar Solar’s range of commercial solar inverters boasts an AC capacity ranging from 10kW to 70kW, with a maximum efficiency of 98.6% for their larger models. All models feature an LCD screen. The commercial inverters with a capacity of up to 40kW are equipped with 2 MPPTs, which is suitable for simple commercial roofs with a two-sided fall. However, for more complex roofs, an additional inverter or power optimizers may be necessary to prevent system losses. In contrast, the 50kW to 70kW range of inverters has a third MPPT.