Lux Squirrel Pod

The Lux Power Squirrel Pod is a small-scale energy storage system that is specifically designed to save any surplus solar power produced by solar panels for future use. This particular model is developed by Lux Power, a renewable energy product manufacturer based in the United Kingdom.

With a storage capacity of up to 5.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and a maximum discharge power of 3 kilowatts (kW), the Squirrel Pod can provide electricity to a home’s lighting and appliances for a few hours during power outages or when solar panels are inactive. The Squirrel Pod also features a monitoring system that enables users to keep track of their energy usage and storage. Additionally, it can be linked to a smartphone application for remote monitoring and management. Its compact size enables it to be installed in small spaces with ease.

In conclusion, the Lux Power Squirrel Pod is a dependable and cost-effective solution for homeowners who want to reduce their reliance on the grid and increase their use of renewable energy.

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  • Expandable futureproof units. More than one Squirrel Pod unit can be linked together (or added later) to increase storage capacity or increase charge/discharge rates.

  • Each Squirrel Pod has an impressive Max charge and discharge rate of 70 Amps DC. (70A x 50v = 3500w). The rate of charge or discharge will be initially determined by how many batteries are being used up until the Max of the Lux unit is achieved.

  • Each Squirrel Pod can be connected with 1 – 8 standard 2.4 kWh Lithium batteries

  • Each Squirrel Pod unit has an excellent display on the case for ease of direct monitoring or programming.

  • Interactive bi-directional monitoring allows access through wi-fi to a PC, laptop or App based device. Programming of charge periods, daily performance information and remote manufacturer upgrades are all carried out through the monitoring platform.
  • Where there is no internet the Local Connect function allows a phone to pair directly to the unit without wi-fi. This is for local monitoring if needed.

  • The Squirrel Pods have integrated Emergency Power Supply (EPS) connectivity. This means dedicated loads can remain live in the event of a power cut. No external switches are required as the change-over is all integrated.

  • The units have a supercharger function inbuilt to allow batteries working with Modbus to be restarted even when they have been allowed to discharge to almost empty.

  • The Squirrel Pod units are all provided with a manufacturer 10 year warranty. All claims are dealt with on behalf of the manufacturer by Infinity Innovations Ltd.

  • Lux Power has developed an automatic charging platform to work with Octopus Agile. There are a number of options to allow charging and selling back with the Octopus Agile platform to be automatic.